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Roulette in the online casino

Ask the first comer “What is roulette?” And You’ll hear the answer: “The roulette is in the casino or online casino”.

When they say about online casino, the association with roulette comes in. For some reason exactly this game characterizes onlinle casino as gambling institution.

Though, as a rule, table for roulette is not the most excited place in gambling institutions. Much more players are near poker tables or play BlackJack.

It is difficult to say something definite about origin of roulette. Its roots became a thing of the past. But after modernization approximately 200 years it remains invariable.

Nowadays there are some kinds of roulette:

• American roulette;
• European roulette;
• French (as variety of European one) roulette;
• Fortune wheel.

More frequently in online casino one can see American and European types of roulette.

The main (and the most essential) difference between them – is the number of playing cells. The American roulette has 36 cells in figures and two “zero” cells ("0" and "00").

As for European one, it has the same 36 cells in figures and only one “zero” (“0”).


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