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It’s necessary to specify that there are no systems for playing roulette, which give only winnings in the online casino. No system can guarantee the win in roulette in the casino. However good it may be – after all it is lost.

And if You are suggested “safe” system for playing roulette or even more to buy it, You must know – they try to cheat You.

Bet systems (money systems)

The most wide-spread stake (bet) system is “Martingale”.

Its gist is in the following – bet for equal chances (red – black, even - odd). For example at “red”:

1. Make a bet in 1 dollar;

2. If lose – increase the bet in 2 times and put 2 dollars. In the case of loss, we lose the current bet (2 dollars) and the previous one (1 dollar) that is 3 dollars sum. In the case of win, we get 4 dollars, that is win back two bets (1+2=3 dollars) and have 1 dollar of pure win.

3. If lose for the second time, again increase bet in 2 times (now its 4 dollars). In case of win we’ll get back two previous bets (1+2=3) and the current one, and again we win 1 dollar.

If it was the possibility to increase bets infinitely, then, having rather big bank, the player was able win always. Sooner or later “red” will fall out.

But casino has found the successful method to fight with similar systems – limitation of the upper bets limit. During the game, You’ll have the possibility to increase bet 4-5 times, after that You’ll get maximum limit. And in the case of just another loss, You will be put into a dilemma: whether to keep maximum bet or to begin with minimum one.

One can avoid the limitation of the upper limit, conducting, for example, group game. If the player get upper bets limit, then one more player joins, then the second, the third… If there is a loss even in the 10th time, then Your bet will get limit in 1024 dollars. In the case of win at the 11th bet (1024 dollars), the pure win will be 1 (!) dollar. If it is sense to bet more than thousand dollars in order to win one? All the more that, there is no guarantee that at the 11th bet You won’t lose.

System “Martingale” is oriented towards getting minimum winnings, but may bring maximum losses.

Let’s examine system “Anti-Martingale” (“Parlay”)

Make bets for equal chances – for example, at “red”

1. Make a bet in 1 dollar;

2. If win, then leave winnings on table. Now our bet is 2 dollars. In the case of win we have 4 dollars (3 dollars of pure winnings and the initial bet is win back). In the case of loss we lose only 1 dollar, which was betted in the beginning.

3. If we win again, then there are 8 dollars on table, 7 of them is a pure win.

Playing by the given system, we risk only the bet in 1 dollar, but have chance for large winnings.

In the bet system “Anti-Martingale” it’s very important to determine the moment for return to the initial bet – the win period is not eternal. For example, one may return to the initial bet having win three times in succession.

System “Anti-Martingale” gives maximum winnings and minimum losses.


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