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Table for roulette is (looks like) a gambling field for bets, a wheel with cells, numbered from 0 to 36 (the American roulette has also 00) and a ball.

All bets are placed on a gambling roulette field. When all bets are done, dealer started the roulette wheel and throws the ball. Having made some circles, it puts down into one of the cells. The number of this cell is winning.

What bets one can make in the online casino:

Type of bet

Bet description


Position on the picture

Straight up

Straight bet - gambling chips are put down on a concrete number (0-36)

35 to 1


Split up

Bet on two numbers – gambling chips are put down on a line, which divide two numbers on the field for roulette bets

17 to 1


Street bet

Bet on the line – chips are put down on outer line of a row

11 to 1


Split bet

Schemed bet on three numbers– chips are put down on zero (0 and/or 00) and 1,2 figures of the first line(1,2,3)

11 to 1


Corner bet

Corner bet (bet on four numbers) – gambling chips are put down on line intersection inside square of four figures

8 to 1


Six line bet

Bet on two lines – similar to bet on a line, but chips are put down on the line between two lines, which will play

5 to 1


Column bet

Column bet – gambling chips are put down on one of three columns with inscription «2 to 1» at the bottom of gambling field of roulette

2 to 1


Dozen bet

Dozen bet – chips are put down on the first, the second or third dozen («1st 12», «2nd 12», ??? «3rd 12») 1-12, 13-24, 25-36

2 to 1



Bet on greater – less (halves) – chips are put down on the first half of the numbers or on the second one on according cells of the roulette field

1 to 1



Even/Odd – bet on even or odd numbers. Chips are put down on roulette fields with inscription «Even» or «ODD»

1 to 1



Red/ Black bet – chips are put down on a red field (Red) or on a black one (Black)

1 to 1


Beside, there are some additional bets – “neighbours” and “sector”. These bets are oriented towards definite sectors of the wheel.

The field for such bets is arranged separately.


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