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Lazy BlackJack

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Roulette demands not only money investment, but also emotional, moral and physical contribution.

Before sitting at the gambling table in online casino, read these advices and then, possibly, You’ll be able to avoid loss.

Advice 1: Never go out of Your mind. If You play by any system in online casino, do not deviate of it. Systems for playing roulette had been elaborating during centuries and, as a rule, give the most optimal variants.

Advice 2: Once for all remember: WHATEVER NUMBERS FELL OUT BEFORE, THEY DO NOT HAVE INFLUENCE ON THE CURRENT RESULT. Even if roulette wheel gave us red colour, the chance that red colour will fall out in the next spin is the same as before in any online casino.

Advice 3: Try to avoid progressive systems for playing roulette like “Martingale” – they give the possibility to win a little, but to lose completely.

Advice 4: Playing roulette in online casino, learn to control yourself. Try to set yourself real plans. For instance: To go out of the table for roulette if:

a) win 100 dollars (5,10,1000);
b) lose 100 dollars (5, 10, 1000);

On any account, don’t keep on playing after getting necessary sum. The possibility to go out of the online casino – is a very strong player’s advantage.

Many sources about games of chance and about roulette in particular say the same. Here there won’t be any exception: NEVER PLAY ON MONEY, WHICH YOU CAN’T PERMIT YOURSELF TO LOSE!

If money is intended for any purpose – on any account do not take them for game! Understanding that betted money must be lost only makes You weaker morally and emotionally.


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