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Free program Lazy BlackJack conducts game BlackJack with strict using scientifically checked basic strategy. During game program conduct cards counting and gives necessary prompts in different game situations. The program…

What is lottery?

The main attraction of lotteries – easy rules, simplicity, possibility to lead open draws with the help of television and mass media, and, the main thing, big money winnings and advanced Jackpots.

Lottery draws, by some information, were invented by merchants in order to get rid of old stock. Other information says that the prototype of lottery was election in Italy in XVI century. Out of 90 candidates they chose 5, taking their numbers out of bag.

Nowadays lottery draws one can see everywhere: these are popular numerical lotteries (5 out of 36, 6 out of 49 and others), and drawings of prizes. Ideas, which were put in lotteries by merchants-founders, today one can see in commercial actions, which lead various companies.

Numerical lotteries cause the biggest interest. The State always tries to get monopoly on them. It has very simple explanation – great profits to the organizers of lotteries.


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