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The main systems for playing in numerical lotteries are complete and incomplete (concise).

Complete systems

Complete system covers all scope of choosing figures and is suggested by almost all lottery operators for play.
For example, play lottery 6 out of… Complete system for 7 figures (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) gives 7 combinations:









That is, having guessed any 6 figures out of indicated scope (in our case 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 or 7), we have lottery combination in 6 figures (the first category winnings) and 6 lottery combinations in 5 figures (the second category winnings).

Having guessed 5 figures – 2 lottery combinations in 5 figures (the second category winnings) and 5 combinations in 4 figures etc.

The system is called complete, because it contains all combinations possible with the indicated figures.

Incomplete systems

Incomplete system covers definite combinations in choosing figures. That is, by guessing 6 figures You can’t get the first category winnings (6 figures), but You’ll get winnings of less categories.

Incomplete systems are oriented, mainly, towards the winnings of the third and fourth categories. Incomplete systems give the possibility to cover wide scope of combinations with possibly minimum number of stakes.

What system is good and what is not – it’s Your decision.

The only thing to say with confidence is that – there are not any universal systems, which let to win constantly in numerical lotteries great money or even Jackpots.


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