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Lazy BlackJack

Free program Lazy BlackJack conducts game BlackJack with strict using scientifically checked basic strategy. During game program conduct cards counting and gives necessary prompts in different game situations. The program…

History of BlackJack

Game BlackJack came from old French game vingt-et-un (“twenty one”), though since that time it endured a lot of changes.

Nowadays BlackJack is one of the popular casino games, especially in American ones. Speaking about BlackJack profit, it has solely simple rules of game, dynamics and passion, which are always present at table for BlackJack.

At the beginning, it was considered that BlackJack as well as roulette and baccarat, has constant statistical preference to player, but as repeated scientific researches showed – it’s not true!

Firstly, every card changes the composition of the pack(shoe) in the online casino. It’s not difficult to guess, that the same card can’t come out of the pack (shoe) repeatedly. In accordance with it, counting cards, one can foresee next combinations with some exactness.

Secondly, some combinations of cards give advantages to online casino, others – to players. There is no secret that availability of great number of “tens” and aces is favourable to player and, on the contrary, small cards are favourable to online casino. (More detailed information is in the item “Cards counter”).

These checked facts can easily turn the advantage of casino into player’s preference. But it’s professional players’ ability to notice the changes of pack composition.

You have the unique set for playing BlackJack not only for pleasure, but for getting money!!!


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