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Rules of BlackJack

The rules of the game BlackJack are rather simple: the player need to collect cards, the sum of the points will be closer to 21 (but not more).

If sum of points is more than dealer’s one (but less than 22), the player won. If player’s sum of points and the dealer’s one are the same, the player’s bet is returned to him (a draw). Otherwise, the dealer won.

Prize is paid 1:1

Each player gets two cards and one card is given to dealer and open. (In some game varieties dealer can get two cards – one openly, the second – “in secret”)

Having valued one’s own cards and dealer’s card, the player takes one of the following decisions:

• Stay
• Hit(One more)
• Split
• Double
• Insurance
• Surrender

Cards nominal in blackjack:

Ace – 1 or 11 points (if counting ace for 11 points, the sum of cards is less than 21, the combination is called - Soft);

King, Queen, Jack and 10 – 10 points (let’s call them “tens”);

9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 – by its nominal - 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 points accordingly.

Any “tens” (K,Q,J,10) and Ace give BlackJack in sum. This combination win in all cases (with the exception of the situation when dealer also has BlackJack).

BlackJack is paid 3:2.

Sum in 22 points and more is bust and is lost in spite of cards, which has dealer.

How to take game decision:

Stay – the player sees, that the sum of the cards, which he has got, is enough for successful game and he decides to take no more cards. Thereby, he passes the turn to the dealer (other players).

Hit(One more) - the player sees that getting sum of points is not enough or he decides to risk and takes one more card. After this a new sum is counted and a new game decision is taken.

Split – if the player has only two cards and they are the same by nominal (9 and 9, A and A, K and K, etc.), he can split cards, thereby turning one square into two. The given decision is required additional bet, which is equal to the initial one. Some casinos determine following limitations for Split:

• After Aces split, only one card is given to each of them;
• Split is allowed only once (if after cards split one of splitting cards got another one of the same nominal, a new split is not allowed);
• It’s not allowed to double the bet after split;

Double (double down) – the player can double the initial bet and take only one card. Some casinos introduce limitations and allow Double only for 9,10 and 11 points.

Insurance – if dealer opened his card and it turned out ace, the player can insure against that dealer get Black Jack. Insurance is paid 2:1. Some casinos allow insurance when dealer has opened “tens”.

Surrender (pass)- the player can give up the game, having seen cards unpromising and strong dealer’s card. Thereby the half of the initial bet is lost. Some casinos allow to pass even when dealer has open Ace.


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